The total worldwide market for drones, according to BusinessWire, is anticipated to be over $18 Billion by 2027. But with this growth and opportunity also comes some risks and downside. Many experts and industry gurus are cautioning businesses to consider some challenges that can come along with drone use that might not be as obvious initially. Like any new tech, drones are revolutionizing the way we do things, but there are some challenges and concerns when it comes to using drones in business.

One of the biggest concerns most companies have is that US regulations are very complex, and businesses fear they may be prosecuted if they violate these regulations. It is a serious barrier to entry for many. The FAA has done a good job of publishing documentation on rules for drone usage on their website for those that are interested.

In addition to regulations, customer privacy is another topic that can have some gray areas when it comes to using drones for business. For example, Drones’ cameras can easily capture detailed images and video of everything on the ground of where they may be flying. So while law enforcement and surveyors can find some massive cost savings by using less expensive and more efficient drone devices, the data that is being captured may not always be publishable in the public domain due to footage of private citizens that may have been captured.

Drones can also be a safety concern. There are many documented examples of drones flying into commercial buildings, damaging property, and in the worst cases injuring and even killing innocent bystanders. One of the biggest risks facing the industry is that so many drones are flown by non-experts. So, businesses considering the benefits of drones need to invest not just in technology and hardware, but also in experienced operators to ensure they get the most for their overall investment.

While regulations, privacy, and safety are all valid concerns when it comes to drone usage, the future is definitely bright and is definitely worth looking at if you think it can help your customers. If you are not exploring the benefits of drones, your competitors surely are.