As we know, the majority of the workforce has been working remotely over the past year and a half. With the transition to remote work, many teams will begin hiring new colleagues without ever meeting them in person. While hiring remote can be challenging, companies can now hire qualified candidates from across the globe.

Here are just a few of our tips for remote hiring to ensure you hire the most qualified candidates.

Understand the Market: While several jobs were lost due to COVID-19 related layoffs, the job market is now coming back. It’s important for HR teams to understand the hiring market and what is needed to hire top talent.

Set Hiring Expectations: Hiring remotely is a different process than interviewing in-person. HR teams should set expectations for hiring managers.

Look Within: When hiring for new positions, don’t forget to promote open roles to internal employees. Your perfect candidate may just be in a different department!

Prioritize the Candidate Experience: Communication is essential in the interview process. You should create a welcoming environment for candidates and explain the reasons your company is a great place to work.

Use Screening Tools as Needed: Hiring the right person remotely can be pretty difficult. If needed, consider using screening tools, like personality tests or technical tests, to make sure you’re hiring the most qualified talent.

Stay Remote: Consider keeping the entire hiring process remote to adhere to all the latest health and safety precautions so everyone feels comfortable.

It’s definitely a new world we are living in. Organizations must keep up with the ever-changing demands and styles of this new era. If you are looking to move all of your operations online, and just don’t know how, get in touch with us today!