The events of the past two years have been a blessing and a curse for many businesses. While challenges like supply chain issues and talent shortages have hobbled some companies, the adversity has also given some organizations a chance to thrive by seeing opportunities that have never been there before and capitalizing on them.

Here’s a quick list of some opportunities your organization can make the most of in 2022.

Don’t Just Disrupt, Reinvent

We hear a lot about disruptors in business. Companies like Uber, AirBNB, and others have not only disrupted but dismantled the industries they’ve entered. And while instilling that kind of chaos can be a competitive advantage, it’s not in every organization’s DNA to be a disruptor. But what is achievable – and probably equally as advantageous – is to reinvent who you are as a business. To show your industry you understand the landscape and are willing to change with the times to best serve all involved. Learn to harness the agility and resilience your staff has shown during these tough times to your gain.

Cast a Wide Net

When it comes to finding talent, leave no stone unturned. We’ve heard about – and maybe even struggled with – the labor shortage we’re facing in the U.S. right now, and the prospects of that changing in 2022 are not great. So, it’s worth thinking about how you can loosen up your recruitment criteria. Even Google has started looking at graduates from colleges they previously wouldn’t have hired from, and some have gone so far as to not require a degree at all. Previously perceived shortcomings like lack of years of experience and resume gaps should be reconsidered in search of the best fit for an open position. Some employers are also looking outside their given industry and tapping into the retired workforce for resources. Be creative in your employee searches in 2022.

Accountability and Culture

It’s a new world of accountability for the C-suite. It’s time to be agile in your approach by conducting frequent check-ins with staff, clients and partners. Providing flexibility and a voice to your employees is no longer optional, it’s required. Building culture by being transparent, doing good for good causes, and keeping yourself “on the hook” for what happens at your company is the road to success in the new year.