Shawn Sloan

Founder | Managing Partner
West Palm Beach

Shawn is a nearly 20 year veteran of the tech arena, largely focused on networking, cybersecurity, and managed IT services.

Spending the majority of his career at IBM, Shawn was responsible for the go-to-market strategy for all advanced strategic outsourcing, as well as cybersecurity & networking solutions. In that role, Shawn helped define IBM’s sales and marketing strategies along with assisting the delivery organization in the successful deployment and adoption of the newer technologies.

Following his time at IBM, Shawn saw the need to bring the advanced level of IT resources to the SMB space and has successfully done that via a few start-up companies. Shawn believes in intimately learning all about the customer; their business; goals; etc. to put together a strategy for all parties to be successful.

In addition to his wife Stephanie who is his high school sweetheart, Shawn has two children Addison and Mason. In his downtime, you can find him on the softball field, at his daughter’s horse shows, or taking care of the Great Dane dogs he rescues through his nonprofit.


Danielle Forier

Founder | Managing Partner
West Palm Beach

Danielle discovered her passion for all things IT around 2009. After spending most of her career in various admin & call center roles in both her home state of NY & now Florida, she transitioned to the Help Desk within TBC Corporation and never looked back.

Since then Danielle has held numerous QA, Accounting and Business Analyst roles within Fortune 500 & Government entities focused on Finance & Quality Assurance.

Danielle’s life as a single mom surely keeps her on her toes while exploring all the amazing beaches, collecting shells with her kids and watching her son play football.

Coming up through the ranks, Danielle was exposed to many areas of technology, its processes, and ensuring customer satisfaction. This gives her and the MsPIoT team an exemplary foundation on which to build a premier organization.

Stewart St. James

Founder | President/CEO

Stewart St. James originally got his start in IT at a very young age. He lived in a small neighborhood with about 30 or so homes, where Internet and IT services were out of reach for most, who would need to drive into the city or its surrounding areas just to get computers fixed. He worked to network his entire neighborhood into a single network and secured those connections. He worked to provide daily support to each of the homes while attending High School. He went on to become the Help Desk Support Agent at a local Houston organization, and later would become their IT Director and think tank department of initiative solutions for Spencer Training and Educational Company.

In 2013, Stewart left Houston and moved to Dallas/Fort Worth where he went to work for Baylor Medical. Stewart was instrumental in designing and deploying the EDI Systems for all the current day Medical Insurance Claims processing. Shortly after the completion of this project, he began working for Microsoft Corporation in the Windows Reliability Engineering Department. His job focused in on supporting Fortune 500 and 100 organizations on their infrastructure, assisting with memory leaks, systems performance, and day to day debugging of applications.

Stewart is a Microsoft Certified Professional. He has earned many decorated awards for his services and knowledge in IT. He has assisted on projects with many large corporations including Apple, Google, and Cisco Systems. He currently holds multiple Security and Cyber Awareness Certifications, as well multiple commendations from the US Congress, Mayors and Local Officials.

Stewart says, “I enjoy solving complex problems for clients, whether that is finding the best technology for their organization or solving some difficult technical issue. My goal is to build healthy, long-term relationships with our clients by being a trusted advisor and partner. We have a good team and great clients which is what makes working for each of them so fulfilling and enjoyable.”

In his time away from IT, you can find him disconnecting from all this technology by spending time outdoors. Some of his favorites are camping, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and wine tasting. He also volunteers for various causes, enabling charitable causes to benefit from his industry experience. Some might say they especially appreciate his talent for home-cooking and making excellent drinks. So much so, he was once urged to create a YouTube channel, ‘Drinks with Stewart’. His friends would say he’s a knowledgeable guy who is an in-depth thinker as well as exceedingly gifted at reverse engineering of software and complex issues.


Dusty Frey

Managing Partner

Dusty started his IT career in 2012 after working various call center jobs. A small IT provider gave him a chance despite having no IT experience, and he quickly developed a passion for network design, high-level problem solving, and helping businesses achieve their technology vision.

Over the last 10 years, Dusty has worked for several managed IT providers as well as internal IT. He loves automating repetitive tasks and his skill-set is very diverse. Citrix, virtualization (he’s a huge VMware fan), and secure network design just to name a few.

When he isn’t working, Dusty enjoys gaming (League of Legends addict) and spending time with his beautiful wife and three children.

Aaron Rosenstein

Regional Manager

Aaron Rosenstein has served clients in large organizations and small businesses for over 20 years. Among IT consultants, he is known as “the IT guy’s IT guy”, because of his ability to resolve difficult issues. In addition, he loves finding ways that your computer network can help a business grow more effectively. His knowledge is deep in terms of specific technologies, like back-up disaster recovery, phones, security, virus protection and more. In terms of specific industry applications, he has knowledge all around, including dental, legal, medical, architecture, manufacturing and fleet-based businesses.

“I’m most proud when we can help customers like this: recently, a small organization called us because their network kept going down and gave them problems every day. In less than a week, we diagnosed the problems, assessed their needs, and installed a fully revitalized and secure computing environment… we made their computing problems disappear and delivered results. Technology should help businesses do things they never would have been able to accomplish otherwise.”

Aaron is certified in Microsoft, Cisco, Watchguard, Vmware, and Dell, and is an expert in VoIP and telecom.

When he isn’t working, he is as an avid boater and pilot. He enjoys the ‘simpler tech‘ of boating and flying for both business and pleasure.


Sherrie Fuller

Financial Products Specialist

Sherrie Fuller has 30 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience, 13 years of HR / Payroll and business management experience.  She obtained her MS in Accounting in 2011 and has been a QB ProAdvisor since 2012. She is working toward obtaining her Certified Management Accountant License as well as SPHR certification. She has worked for a variety of industries, such as non-profits, clothing designers, construction, entertainment, IT, employee placement, law firms, mechanic shops and various franchises. She specializes in accounting and business process efficiency, HR and QuickBooks training.

“I love being able to come in to a new client and help them make their business even more successful and profitable, either through implementing new software to make processes and work flows more efficient or just reworking existing processes. I think the most rewarding part of what I do is knowing that I have left my clients with added knowledge and resources to grow their business and seeing how happy they are with the knowledge they have gained and the difference it has and will continue to make for their business.”

While Sherrie loves her profession and working with clients to improve their businesses, when she is not working with clients she enjoys gardening, DIY projects and spending time with family and friends

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